Hello! I'm Chasity, the crazy face behind the camera.  Thought I would share a few fun facts about me:

  1. I'm a wife, mama bear, dreamer + photographer.  My guys are my life, my joy and my constant laughter (occasionally they are a constant pain in the ass too).
  2. I stay up way too late editing photos & learning new photography skills.
  3. I love Jesus, sunglasses & coffee, they are how I get through most days.
  4. I keep it hidden but I have a wicked sense of humor & potty mouth (I love Jesus but I cuss a little).
  5. When I'm not behind the camera you will find me at my son's numerous sporting events or the nearest antique/junk store.
  6. I frequently inhale a pint of gelato all by myself...there ain't no shame in my game.
  7. I am a documenter of real moments, real emotions, real belly laughs and the rawness of everyday life.
  8. I'm a complete sucker for good music no matter the genre & I've been know to belt out the the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a few shoots!